Manage your cover

Making a claim

Medical claims

To make a claim for medical expenses, you will need to send through your receipts to [email protected].

We can only pay on medical expenses for a period of time that you were an inpatient in hospital, so we will need a corresponding hospital account. We will usually be able to get this directly from the hospital.

If we require any further information we will let you know.

Paying Providers

Most Medical Practitioners will require payment at the time of consultation. We will then reimburse you for the benefits you are entitled to.

If a provider is happy to be paid directly by, we will pay them directly by either cheque or direct deposit. They will then send you a bill for the outstanding amount, if applicable.

Hospital Claims

In order to receive maximum benefits, you'll need to ensure you are either admitted to a public hospital or one of's participating private hospitals.

For hospital expense claims, we can arrange payment directly to providers. Please request the receptionist or hospital admissions officer to call us on +61 3 9020 0600 and provide details of the account.

Time Limits

Please note that benefits are only paid if the claim is made within 2 years of when you received the service or treatment and if covered under the terms of your cover.